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Welcome to Miami Platinum Exotics!

Your home to the ultimate Miami exotic rental cars and Miami luxury rental cars!

Our huge selection of exotic and luxury vehicles includes brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Land Rover, McLaren, and so much more. Whether you want a Miami exotic rental car or Miami luxury rental car for the day, week, or month then look no further! We will make sure that your experience driving an exotic or luxury vehicle in the greater Miami area is an experience of a lifetime. Just check out our fleet and give us a call or fill out our online reservation form and you’ll be on your way to driving an exotic vehicle in no time!


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See, when you book with us, we make sure to take care of you to the fullest extent. Whether you want your exotic rental car delivered to the airport, your home, or you want to pick it up from our location, we will make sure that the entire process is as simple and easy as possible. Once you drive off in your exotic rental car you can call one of our friendly team members any time to ask any questions you may need about the vehicle you’ve rented. Feel like renting the vehicle for longer than you booked? No problem! We will extend your reservation as long as you need. Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service and to provide you with a time of your life that you’ll never forget. So check out our awesome selection of vehicles and give us a call today!

Miami remains home to beautiful weather and tons of fun stuff to do, so adding an exotic rental car in Miami to your trip or even as a local Floridian just makes your time in Miami so much better. Some customers drive exotic cars everyday and want to drive something similar to what they drive normally so they book an exotic vehicle while away from home, while others just want to experience the thrills of driving an exotic super car for the first time, but no matter what the reason may be, driving a super car like a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, etc. is always the same- it’s super awesome and super exhilarating.

Once you’re in the car of your dreams in Miami it’s time to figure out what to do and where to go. Perhaps you just want to cruise along the beach or head to a fancy restaurant or even one of Miami’s world famous night clubs. We must say that most super cars don’t like stop and go traffic or going slow, so we recommend getting on some roads without many stops. Maybe a freeway or a back country road with some windy turns, that’s a good way to enjoy the true power and handling of any of these sports cars.

Those people who appreciate cars know that they are different than the general public. They stand out due to their sheer devotion and love for cars. These are not just any cars though and these are not those cars that can be defined as muscle cars or low riders or any of those types of segments of the population. Instead, if you count yourself as being among the many people who appreciate exotic cars, you could easily call yourself an aficionado.

Far from being someone who simply appreciates these types of unusual and head turning cars, though, you are also the type of person who avidly follows the latest news and updates on all your favorite makes and models. Whether you are into the sleek and trendy lines of your favorite Ferraris, McLaren or Lamborghini or you love the traditional sportiness of an Ashton Martin, we at Miami Platinum Exotics are here to provide you with the opportunity to live, breathe and drive one of your favorite cars in the entire world.

We know that the dream of having your own exotic car often does not quite match up to the reality. Of course, if you are like most exotic car lovers, you would love to have your favorite car to drive every day no matter where you are. The reality though is that not many people are able to do so. Not only is there a huge outlay of money when it comes to purchasing such an exotic car, there are also continuing costs that can significantly add up if you want your car to stay in the most pristine condition possible.

The insurance costs alone often make owning such a car almost impossible. Of course, there is also the daily concern of where you are going to park your beauty while you are at work and you are not able to keep watch over it the entire time. It is also time to be completely honest here. These lightening fast cars are not the best when it comes to fuel efficiency and they can really cut into your transportation budget if you decide to drive them to work and your activities on a daily basis.

Fortunately, we at Miami Platinum Exotics make driving your favorite exotic car easy on you. We provide you with one of our extensive fleet of spine tingling cars and you have all the fun. You decide if you want to rent your favorite car for a day, a week, a month or longer. The choice is yours and we put all the decision making right in your own hands.

We provide you with the thrill of driving your own exotic car without any of the drawbacks. Simply hop in the driver’s seat, rev up the engine and drive away on your next adventure in your favorite sports car that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you decide to go in the city or outside its limits.

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