Renting an Exotic Car: What’s in it for You?

There is no doubt that the smooth and sleek lines of the world’s most exotic cars are great at grabbing your attention. What makes these cars so appealing that it is worth making the leap from spectator to driver? There are actually a number of different reasons why renting an exotic car is a fantastic choice if you are the type of person who appreciates fine automobiles.

Make that night extra special. Whenever you have someone in your life that you want to impress, escorting them around Miami in a Lamborghini, Ashton Martin or McLaren is sure to let them know right away that this is going to be no ordinary outing with you. From that all important client that you want to impress to your honeymoon get together, driving an exotic car notches up the luxurious excitement of the entire time that you are together.

Enjoy the benefits without the headaches. You will not find many arguments about the beauty, style and speed of our fleet of exotic cars. The luxuriousness that is expected of these cars allows you to sink into the comfort that is built right into them. What is not as attractive about owning one of these cars are the added costs and headaches of doing so. When you rent an exotic car, you can have all the fun while the rental company has to deal with all the work. There is nothing that could be easier or more fun.

The thrill of the ride. While our exotic cars feature some of the fastest cars in the world today, that is often just a fraction of their appeal. After all, if you were just concerned about the speed factor, you could rent a replica race car and take it around the track a time or two. It is not pretty but it gets your adrenaline going when it comes to speed.

Our exotic cars are steeped in luxury. In addition to being lightening fast, our exotic cars allow you to sink into premium leather seats with every comfort control available for you to adjust right there at your fingertips. Always in top mechanical condition, you can feel the thrum of the engine beneath your feet.

The attention. If there is one that exotic cars do for everyone, that is draw the attention. You will not be able to drive anywhere in Miami without watching the heads of the people you pass turn in wonder and admiration. If you want to attract attention, our cars are the perfect way to strike up conversations with beautiful women or to simply be able to talk about your favorite exotic car.

How to drive an exotic vehicle

F430 Left 300x187 How to drive an exotic vehicleIt’s no surprise, driving an exotic vehicle is unlike any other daily driver car. The shifting of the gears is more dramatic, the low profile keeps you looking for pot holes, cracks, dips, and speed bumps constantly, and the looks you get from bystanders and other drivers on the road makes you feel like a celebrity. So if you’re an introvert then it’s probably going to be a little uncomfortable to drive a super car that sticks out like a sore thumb. The driving part is pretty easy, but if you have a manual transmission then you’ll want to be careful not to burn out the clutch as you could imagine replacing the clutch is pretty expensive.

If you’re driving an automatic, or as most have, semi-automatic where you can shift a clutchless manual transmission with paddle shifters then you’ll have less to think about, but the intensity of the shifts are not like you’re typical daily driver. You feel the road a lot more when driving exotic vehicles including every bump and crack in the road, but with every downside comes an upside and for this downside comes the benefit of amazing handling.

But don’t take our word for it, get out there and book an exotic rental car today and see for yourself!

How much does it cost to rent a Miami exotic rental car?

2009 Black Gallardo Side 300x216 How much does it cost to rent a Miami exotic rental car?Renting an exotic rental car is definitely something that many people think is out of their reach, but whether or not you think it’s feasible, when you do rent an exotic vehicle you are instantly putting yourself among the most elite drivers in the world. The fact of the matter is that renting an exotic vehicle is a lot cheaper than people think it is. And beyond that, it is definitely much cheaper to rent an exotic vehicle than to buy one, assuming if you own one that you don’t drive it every single day, which most owners don’t drive their exotic or luxury vehicles every day.

If you’re looking to rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini then the price will obviously be on the higher end, but for about a thousand dollars you can rent an older generation Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari F430. If you are trying to “ball on a budget” then go for something on the lower end like a Porsche Carrera or Porsche Boxster, which usually start at only one or two hundred dollars per day- now that’s a price within virtually anyone’s reach!

When to book an exotic rental car in Miami…

vantage black coupe side 300x158 When to book an exotic rental car in Miami...Booking an exotic rental car in Miami any time of the year is awesome and probably an unforgettable time, but when the heat is turned up in Miami, especially during the Summer months, it’s typically too hot for many visitors, but it’s also a busy time when it comes to stuff to do. The Spring and Fall are usually great times to visit Miami and rent exotic cars in Miami because the weather is great and there’s still tons of events and activities going on.

More specifically, the weekends, as one can imagine, are usually the desired time to book an exotic or luxury vehicle just because that’s when most people have time off from work, but then again the weekdays, if possible, offer less traffic and more open roads for driving. So if it’s open roads you’re looking for, then the weekday are the best. If it’s people action you’re looking for, then definitely rent on the weekends.

Selecting the best Miami Exotic Car Rental for the Weekend

We all dream of driving exotic vehicles, but most people aren’t aware that they don’t have to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari or any exotic or luxury vehicle for that matter. Renting an exotic vehicle provides the same thrills and excitement. Most owners don’t even drive their exotic vehicles that often, so why spend so much money when you can just get a Miami exotic car rental for the weekend at a fraction of the price?

Well if you’ve decided to make that awesome decision to rent an exotic or luxury vehicle, you are probably trying to decide which vehicle to rent. We always recommend something flashy, fast, and fun. The “3 Fs”. A Lamborghini or Ferrari always fills these needs pretty well. If you’re not into all that, then maybe a Range Rover or Bentley might suit your needs. These vehicles are all totally fun to drive and will make you feel like you run the world.